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Large Mulch Bin

  • Lifting handholds around the top
  • Stainless steel threaded fasteners
  • 85 mil thick recycled plastic
  • Air inlets to promote decomposition
  • Heavy 85 mil thick HDPE recycled plastic--
    same as in pickup trucks, bedliner tough!
  • Holding pegs to secure an empty bin
large bin for mulch and leaves

This large 18 cubic foot mulch bin can hold up to twenty-five 30 gallon paper bags of leaves, once shredded, plus other shredded seasonal yard trimmings.

Why go to the expense of buying the leaf bags and the chore of filling them to be set out at the curb and hauled away. Don't throw it away!

You can spend eight to ten bucks on the leaf bags each fall, then five months later go back to the same store to buy $25.00 worth of bagged mulch for your spring planting beds. There's a better, easier way.

Shred leaves and yard trimmings with your rotary mower, or chipper-shredder, then throw into the mulch bin by the back fence. When not in use, roll it back up for storage.

This thing almost pays for itself in the first year, not to mention the labor savings of not bagging and carting the leaves to the curb.

There's nothing better than your own shredded leaves and yard trimmings for garden mulching. It suppresses weeds, keeps moisture in the soil, adds nutrients for the plants and, unlike bark mulch, what's left can be worked into the soil at the end of the season.

Cost is $30.00 per eighteen cubic foot mulch bin and $14.00 for shipping within continental USA. Two can fit into the same box at no additional shipping cost. And, as always, our products come with a thirty day money back guarantee.

Made in the USA