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    We all know, bagging leaves is a real pain. Way back when, we could burn the leaf piles, then with the burning bans, we had to rake the piles to the curb for collection. Now we have to put them into large paper or plastic bags to be collected.

    Let's make this yard chore as easy as we can. The simplest, least costly, and most effective filling tool is a reusable sheet of smooth recycled plastic which, when rolled up and inserted into a square paper or round plastic bag, springs open to give maximum volume, stability, and puncture protection to the bag. After filling, the insert is easily slid out from the full bag by the two opposing handholds at the top.

    There's a half-a-dozen different products that will do this for you, but they all have a weather-related problem. No, it's not that rain's going to keep you from getting the job done. It's the outdoor temperature. When cold, plastic becomes stiffer, or if laid in the sun, the black plastic bag holder becomes very warm and flexible, thus not performing as designed during both of these conditions.

    Our design overcomes this problem by incorporating simple locking tabs at both ends so that the bag holder will maintain maximum volume, stability, and internal protection regardless of the weather.

    We're selling our leaf bag holders three at a time for a number of reasons: Better pricing, shipping cost is no more to ship three in the box, easier filling to rake into three adjacent bags laying down without lifting as pictured, make leaf bagging a family affair, can be used to separate recyclables as pictured, or just share the extras with others.

    Cost is $36.00 for three leaf bag holders, plus $14.00 for shipping within the continental USA, for a total of $50.00. And, as always, our products come with a thirty day money back guarantee.

    Made in the USA


large leaf bag holder
Holds paper bags fully open and erect for easy filling.
large leaf bag holder
Can be used year-round, for example, to hold open plastic bags for separated recyclables during family gatherings.
large leaf bag holder
Our unique locking tabs guarantee to keep the bag holder firmly against the inner wall of the bag for the fullest volume.
put you yard leaves in bags
Our locking tabs prevent collapse when laid down, enabling the user to fill three adjacent bags with a rake without lifting each armful up and into a satanding bag.