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Tools and Tips
Bagging of seasonal yard trimmings and fall leaves is becoming standard practice in more communities across the country. However, tools to make this added yard chore easier are not mass marketed.

We can help! Our useful tools and helpful tips for bagging, mulching and home composting your yard trimmings and fall leaves make the job easier and helps to leave your frustration behind.

Leaf Bag Holder

Lawn and Leaf Bag Holders

If bagging leaves and yard trimmings for collection is mandatory, you'll need these low-cost bag holders to make that chore so much easier. Filling those 30 gallon paper leaf bags used to be a two person job: one holds the bag open and another fills it. We have an answer!

Let's make this yard chore as easy as we can. The simplest, least costly, and most effective filling tool is a reusable sheet of smooth recycled plastic which, when rolled up and inserted into a square paper or round plastic bag, springs open to give maximum volume, stability, and puncture protection to the bag.

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Mulch Bin Composter

18 Cubic Foot Bin for Mulch

Keep those shredded leaves and yard trimmings in this mulch bin to top dress your garden plants and flower beds.

There's nothing better than your own shredded leaves and yard trimmings for garden mulching. It suppresses weeds, keeps moisture in the soil, adds nutrients for the plants and, unlike bark mulch, what's left can be worked into the soil at the end of the season.

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Wishing Well Composter

Enclosed Wishing Well Compost Bin

Extra large capacity, attractive design with a brick pattern embossed all around and a bottom access gate. Big enough to do hot composting of yard trimmings and kitchen greens.

We have engineered our large 18 cubic feet capacity composter with a wide open top or optional lid. This organic design has handholds and a bottom access gate for easy mixing and turning. Our rugged hoop bin is made with environmentally friendly recycled material and has a massive composting potential.

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Also, we'd like to recommend some low-cost tools from others which will assist you in getting the job done. We're here to help.

Clicking the links below will transport you to each company's website. Although these sites are not part of the CBO family, we do think their products are worth investigating.

Leaf Claw

Leaf Claws - A new product worth getting for loading leaves is the Leaf Claws. This specially-designed tool is probably the best on the market for what it does. The oversized rake heads allow you to pick up more leaves for bagging or mulching than other similar products. Refer to the Leaf Claws website for details and purchase.

Super Fork

Yard Fork - People who have a horse barn know this tool as a bedding fork, used to clean out the stables. Homeowners also can use this handy lightweight tool to bag leaves, as well as to spread mulch and compost without any stooping over. Available locally from farm stores like Tractor Supply, or online from the Midwest Rake website.

Yard Gear

Leaf Shredder - If you already have a gasoline string trimmer, Lowes and Home Depot have a universal replacement head with stiff nylon, or metal-edged, cutting blades for under $20.00 that mulches leaves better than some $150.00 electric leaf shredders. See Yard Gear's website for more.

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